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"NEW YORK (Keep Whispering songs)" is a triumphant slice of rock-pop exploration that presents BABY YORS as a rare artist who can address the temperature of his turbulent experience while also providing euphoric musical escapism and a theatricality that’s much needed and missed in today’s pop scene. Produced by Sahil Ansari ,"NEW YORK” also serves as a document of one of the most creative artists to emerge from New York's immensely fertile landscape – and one who has been thriving in the underground scene for years, bringing his electric performances to venues like Le Poisson Rouge, Pianos, Arlene’s Grocery, The Knitting Factory, and more. 



I wrote this song as a poem first and it was a lot longer. Then I met with my friend Quinn and we started improvising on the piano. We finished it in like an hour. 

I feel eternally inspired by this city. Most people I've admired walked on these streets, many people’s dreams come true here, It’s the city that made me grow up and become a man. I felt like it needed a song. This song is me saying “New York, don’t stop inspiring me… keep  whispering ideas in my ear” 

I had a strong visual of the song starting with me in a rocket ship leaving the planet and seeing New York becoming smaller and smaller through the window. The city is on fire. “New York city baby, I’m flying in space” and after that it’s like I go back in time and I start to remember what it was like. So then it becomes a song about New York inspiring me by the memory of having lived there but still begging that that memory never ceases to inspire me. 

I go back to the late nights, when crimson starts to paint the sky and I am still playing music in Harlem with my friends. Often in my rooftop, always like a lonely wolf in the end. But still free! Never judged, not even by Ali, the deli guy. I wear my shiny boots and my tight corsets and he doesn’t bother to notice… only in New York and a few other places. 

You think that you will stay here for a bit and then all of the sudden it’s been seven years, or whatever. This city grabs you by the balls. At least it grabbed me!