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BABY YORS is a musician, artist, and singer-songwriter from Argentina based in New York City. He started writing songs and acting at the age of 7. Years later he began taking dance lessons and moved to New York at 17 to pursue a career in classical ballet while still making music on the side. 

After turning down a contract to dance at a major ballet company in the city, he began to pursue acting. Soon, after landing acting roles in several TV and film projects. Baby shifted his focus intensively back to music, performing in New York City for years to develop his artistry. (Baby Yors was been known before as Resh, Roso Moon, and his birth name Marco Palou. )

His self-directed videos, imagery, music and music shows have helped to ignite a cult following while garnering his work a wealth of attention in the music community, which eventually led to features in numerous online and print publications. 

An artist of Spanish, Native American, German, Chinese, and French heritage, Baby possesses a broad view of various musical and cultural landscapes, which has helped him keep his finger on the pulse of not just a North American cultural shift, but one that's spreading across many parts of the globe. His singular voice, which can mutate from cooing soprano to guttural growl within a single verse, is just another reflection of his versatility and his talent for cracking pop norms. His diverse background, myriad influences, widespread artistic talents, and even his eschewing of gender expectations have all fed into the image and sound of Baby Yors, a dynamic performer and genre-defying soul-pop-rock star on the rise. And yet, those diversified elements never distract from a cohesive (and potentially iconic) persona: that of a classically gifted theatrical male in an industry that needs one. 


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· Baby grew up in a very small town in Argentina called Jujuy.

· Also a visual artist, Baby has shown his paintings in art galleries in Miami, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, and New York, yielding him a following and client list in the art world.

· He has been practicing transcendental meditation since age 10.

· A trained actor, Baby has starred in multiple theater productions, TV shows, and film projects while living in New York City .

· He is one of the youngest people to become a finalist at the legendary Actors Studio.

· He has said that he would have been a scientist had he known that science “was so creative, intuitive and cool.” He now enjoys reading about it and finds that it often influences his art.

· BABY: “Everybody calls me Baby. And I love that it doesn’t have a gender attached to it. I am a man, but I like my art to go further than that.”

· YORS: “My music isn’t mine, it’s the audience’s, it’s yours…” That’s how “YORS” became part of his name.

· In 2017, Baby was tattooed on stage while singing during a concert in New York City.